Mission Statement: A Great Salvage Partnership can change everything!!

CSC’s (Cargo Salvage Claims) mission is to provide the highest quality Salvage Services available and to be an instrumental part of each of our Clients success in minimizing their losses. We demand excellence and superior quality in all that we do. We believe we excel in the salvage industry through our diligence, integrity and honesty! We are dedicated to placing products back into the marketplace, by continually developing new customers and ensure products be recycled instead of being discarded. We will remain focused on our client’s needs which will in turn provide the highest degree of expertise and innovation while cultivating long-term relationships.

CSC is an experienced Salvage Company committed to helping its clients – Insurance companies, Tucking companies, Warehouses, Manufacturers, Attorneys  and Financial Institutions ( Bankruptcies) – manage and control their Risk and Safety needs throughout the USA.

We have offices throughout the USA that support our staff with Inspections, Advanced Testing, Inventory, Reclamation and Storage.

We believe that what sets (CSC) us apart is our dedication to: 

Demanding excellence and superior quality in all that we do. 

Assisting companies in selling millions of dollars in Salvage Claim and Surplus Merchandise.

A reputation of Quality Service and High Salvage Returns. 

We maintain a large and diverse database of potential buyers throughout the USA, CD, MX and Europe. These include Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturers. We are continually expanding this network to remain competitive in the Industry.

We pride our self in our ability to sell the most unique products. 

Remaining focused on our chosen lines of business to provide the highest degree of expertise and continuous innovation. 

We (CSC) have the ability to sell products linked to every conceivable business. A large percentage of our business is contracted with the Insurance Industry, Trucking, and Manufacturing Companies.

Cultivating long-term relationships with clients, through honesty and fairness 

Since 1992, we have measured our success in terms of our clients’ results; we are as passionate about our clients’ results as they are.