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Over 40 years of Service
Since 1992 Cargo Salvage Claims mission is to provide the highest quality salvage services available and to be an instrumental part of each of our clients success in minimizing their losses!  

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Our sales associates diligently search for the highest possible return for products of all levels.

Inventory &
Quality Control

Proud to offer accurate, detailed & concise inventory and quality control to meet your claim needs.

& Recovery

Get expert advice to determine if product can be placed back into shippers inventory to help mitigate the claim.


Need storage?  Secure off-site facility will be provided for your product to expedite the claim process if needed.

An experienced salvage company committed to helping its clients manage and control risk and safety needs.

Our clients include Insurance companies, Trucking companies, Warehouses, Manufacturers, Attorneys, and Financial Institutions ( Bankruptcies). 

CSC sets itself apart with Superior Service and Sales  in all that we do. Our specialty is assisting companies in distressed Cargo and Surplus merchandise. We pride ourselves on a reputation of quality service and high salvage returns. 

We maintain a large and diverse database of potential buyers throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Our buyers include Retail, Wholesale, and Manufacturers.  We are continually expanding this network to remain competitive in the Industry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to sell the most unique products. CSC has the ability to sell products linked to every conceivable business. A large percentage of our business is contracted with the Insurance Industry, Trucking, and Manufacturing Companies.

CSC strives to cultivate long-term relationships with clients, through honesty, hard work and fairness.  Since 1992, we have measured our success in terms of results, establishing and nurturing enduring, trust-based connections with clients by consistently adhering to principles of honesty, dedication, and fairness. 

Product Inspection

A critical quality control step that helps prevent defective or substandard products from reaching the market, thus protecting consumers, maintaining brand reputation, and reducing potential recalls and liabilities. It is an essential practice in industries where product safety, reliability, and consistency are of paramount importance.

Advanced Testing

It's important to note that testing should be conducted by qualified professionals who have expertise in food safety and quality control. The results of these tests should be used to make informed decisions regarding the safety and suitability of the food for consumption or other uses. In some cases, it may be safer and more cost-effective to dispose of potentially contaminated or spoiled food items rather than attempting salvage.

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